Sunday, January 18, 2009

The Pool Players. Seven at the Golden Shovel

In this poem The Pool Players. Seven at the Golden Shovel. by Gwendolyn Brooks, I was able to analyse the importance of the title, choice of tone, choice of words that stood out, as well as my personal feelings and thoughts about this specific poem. 

In this poem, titled "The Pool Players. Seven at the Golden Shovel" ,without even reading the poem at first, I would think that this poem was about Seven Pool Players, or friends hanging out together. It seems like they are lost, trying to find their real feelings for life. The Golden Shovel doesn't seem to be helpful with this thought, but the use of a shovel is primaraly used to dig something up or to even bury something. This would relate to the last stanza of this poem being, 
"Jazz June. We
Die Soon. "
Maybe the Golden shovel relates to the last line, being that rest of the poem sounds like the Brooks is trying to get across the idea that these friends are not happy being that they think they are,
"We real cool. We
Left school. We".
Many people could have different feelings about this poem, and how the Golden Shovel relates. My feeling is that they want to bury some of their mistakes they made in the past. This poem's title does change meaning from the beginning to the end. It doesn't have the same exact meaning after analyzing the poem. This shovel could also be a symbol to these men, by digging their own grave, digging themselves deeper with more problems that they themselves make for their life.

In this passage, Brooks introduces the tone of the poem as sad, depressing, a feeling of release or reflection. This starts off when we get introduced to the poem, being
"We real cool. We
left school. We"
The Seven Pool players are reflecting throughout the rest of the poem, sticking with the original tone as the reflect on their bad descisions, ending themselves as being confused. They took the persona of being "cool" to the next level, and they destroyed their idea of themselves. The tone is also depressing, an example being the end of the poem "We die Soon." The tone doesn't change drastically throughout, but it does change from being about reflection to turning into a tone of depression. Towards the end of the poem, "We die soon", it gives the idea that the way these men are living their lives, thinking they are cooler than everyone else. This will not lead to a promising life that most people live for, but almost walking towards their own death.

In this passage, the choices of words that Brooks choosed where not so out there like my previous blog's poem. Some words out of context like "Sing Sin" and "Thin Gin" did confuse me. Thin Gin is most likely relating to liquor. It's not surprising this word comes up, since they do seem like they are in a bar. Although, Sing Sin doesn't really relate to a bar scene at all. It could be a definition of the men singing or telling us about their sins or mistakes made before. This is what the poem is about in the first place, the Seven Pool boys trying to find their identity. After reading the poem more carefully, it could relate to the swearing, the violence they could bring in a bar. 

While reading the poem, I noticed that there are 7 different comments or stanza's, maybe relating to each of the Seven boys. An example could be a guy liked to Sing Sin, and the other guy liked Thin Gin, and the other liked to Lurk late etc. Even though "We" comes in front of every line, indicating that its not related to a single person, there are still Seven Pool Players, and there are seven lines, all different in every way, there could be some relation to each line being said by a different man. 

As well, the way that "We" is put in front of every line is very original. Also, the way the poem is written being that "We" is before the next line is strange as well. This was probably an intention from Brooks. Each line is short, and seems incomplete, but all together it paints a massive picture of the poem, and in the end is easy to understand.

This poem however is not one of my favorites. It is hard to understand the meaning of this poem, since my previous blog was related to teenage girls. This poem could relate to men, being that some think of themselves as so much "cooler" than everyone else, that they throw most of their life away, like leaving school and going out late. It's not a poem that boys should relate to , its almost a poem to look at NOT WHAT to do.

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  1. Great analysis. I enjoyed reading all of your responses. 10/10. Ms. Gordon